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Hill Delivers Remarks at Hearing on How Tokenization of Real-World Assets Will Facilitate …

Hill Delivers Remarks at Hearing on How Tokenization of Real-World Assets Will Facilitate Efficient Markets Washington, June 5, 2024 - Today, the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion, led by Chairman French Hill (AR-02), is holding a hearing  entitled “Next Generation Infrastructure: How Tokenization of Real-World Assets Will Facilitate Efficient Markets.” Watch Chairman Hill’s opening remarks here . Read
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Greenhouse Gases Ledger for emissions management

Greenhouse Gases Ledger for emissions management

Human-induced carbon dioxide fuels global warming Greenhouse gases (GHG) are an essential part of Earth’s atmospheric makeup. These…

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Blockchain brings seed-to-sale transparency to cannabis

Blockchain brings seed-to-sale transparency to cannabis

Blockchain and cannabis are two highly disruptive trends that are fundamentally shifting how business is conducted across the…

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AI and analytics driving digital customer loyalty

AI and analytics driving digital customer loyalty

The explosion of online retail and multitude of new brands entering the market is offering customers more choices…

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Looking ahead to tech in 2022

Predictions for emerging technologies in the new year

The new year is here and promises to usher in new opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence…

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reflecting on 2021

Reflecting on the impact of emerging technologies in 2021

Throughout the past year, we've explored quite the variety of blockchain use cases via our ‘SDLT x SAPIO…

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Blockchain for online marketplaces 1

Blockchain for online marketplaces of the future

The way people buy and sell has transformed drastically since the arrival of the online marketplace with Amazon…

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AI pitfall

Avoid these AI pitfalls to deliver successful projects

This piece is a little different from our usual ones about potential technological applications that can benefit businesses.…

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physical and digital safety of students

Physical and digital safety of students returning to school

Almost two years into the Covid pandemic, the current environment has left parents afraid for their children to…

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smarter workplace

Return to work in a safer, smarter workplace

The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for companies to build a smarter workplace. When it comes…

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blockchain for construction

Blockchain for construction improves project workflows

The construction sector consists of large teams of contractors and subcontractors, all of which must operate amongst an…

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safer traceable bullets and explosives on the blockchain

Safer, traceable bullets and explosives on the blockchain

It’s in everyone’s best interest to create a more responsible framework for firearms ownership. Safer, traceable bullets and…

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blockchain resurrects the images of charities

Blockchain resurrects the images of charities

The very term, charity, has been used and abused to the extent that organisations in the philanthropic sphere…

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Supercharge your call centre connect rates with SapioQ

Leverage the unrivalled power of big data and artificial intelligence with SapioQ, so that your agents can connect…

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blockchain for gaming

Blockchain for gaming equals way better games

Revenue of the mobile gaming market in Southeast Asia amounted to three billion USD in 2019. Over the…

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Manufacturing with blockchain

Radically changing the face of manufacturing with blockchain

Manufacturing with blockchain can help to overcome the common issues producers have with data visibility, process optimisation, demand…

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blockchain, IoT, and AI across a city landscape

The future of digitisation unites blockchain, IoT and AI

Blockchain technology at its core provides a shared, digital distributed ledger that can store all kinds of assets.…

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blockchain brings higher profits for hotels lady in hotel lobby

Blockchain brings higher profits for hotels in 2021

Blockchain is a relatively new digital technology set to transform the hospitality industry as an immutable, decentralised distributed…

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PRESS RELEASE 15.02.2021 SDLT Joint Venture

Picture from left to right: Mr. Adrian Apperley, Executive Director, SAPIO Asia;  Mr. Gritt Madisara, Chief Executive Officer,…

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Reforestation with AI and blockchain thick dense forest of trees

Trusted reforestation with AI and blockchain

Combatting the climate crisis – reforestation with AI and blockchain  Survival of the plant, animal, and human species…

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AI and blockchain trends for 2021

Keeping an eye on AI and blockchain trends for 2021

COVID 19 created new and intensified existing trends in the tech arenas of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and…

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covid 19 vaccine vials ai and blockchain

Vaccinate the world against Covid with AI and Blockchain

Distribution is the next challenge for combatting the pandemic, perhaps AI and blockchain can help? Scientists around the…

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blockchain for agriculture smart farming image

Feed the growing population with blockchain for agriculture

Population growth continues to put pressure on food supplies This threatens not only food quality, but food quantity…

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blockchain for logistics fr

Blockchain for logistics overcomes existing frictions

Current supply chains are complex and cumbersome With a considerable number of stakeholders involved in supply chains of…

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SDLT fuel-record blockchain for fuel

SDLT Fuel-Record transforms fuel supply chains

Fuel agencies increasingly plagued by systemic inefficiencies  Traditional systems of tax exemption for fuel companies rely almost purely…

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blockchain smart city Singapore skyline

Blockchain Smart Cities of the (Very) Near Future

Blockchain smart cities for efficient communities and optimal utility Blockchain offers a new approach to urban government innovation…

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blockchain for fraud computer hack

Blockchain Combats Fraud Through Trust & Transparency

One of the original purposes of blockchain was to prevent fraud in digital currency exchanges. In 2020, we…

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blockchain for sustainability reduce reuse recycle

Blockchain’s Emerging Role In Advancing Sustainability

With great potential to advance sustainability objectives, blockchain is a technology that satisfies society’s growing need for instant…

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Health Insurance

Blockchain For Innovation In Health Insurance

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on insurance As insurers face challenges in the industry, heightened by the COVID-19…

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SDLT Consent

Blockchain For GDPR/ PDPA Data-Protection-By-Design

Blockchain and GDPR/ PDPA data protection legislation: GDPR is a general data protection regulation in EU law that…

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SDLT Trace

Blockchain For The Food Industry: SDLT foodTrace

Blockchain for food is happening worldwide… The potential of blockchain for foodstuff provenance and certification is being quickly…

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Blockchain digital transformation

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation

Before the COVID 19 pandemic began, digital transformation was a priority sat on the strategic agendas of many…

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Blockchain in hospitality

Blockchain & Hospitality: Positive Disruption

Blockchain is a relatively new digital technology set to transform the hospitality industry as an immutable, decentralised distributed…

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blockchain for healthcare

Blockchain & Healthcare: Positive Disruption

Blockchain, a type of distributed ledger technology, has the extraordinary potential to reorganise healthcare services so as to…

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Gary Pound SDLT

If Carlsberg Did Blockchain: A Note From Gary Pound

Gary Pound - Managing Director of SDLT Our dream for SDLT started some time ago; supported by research,…

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SDLT Trace

SDLT Trace: Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Trace is a private blockchain solution that offers dramatic efficiency gains for supply chain and logistics. SDLT Trace…

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SDLT Record

SDLT Record: Immutable Record Management System

Record is a private blockchain solution that enables organisations to transact confidently with their verifiable digital assets. The…

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SDLT Transfer

SDLT Transfer: P2P Payments & Value Transfer

SDLT Transfer offers a unique blockchain based account that conveniently stores digital assets, smoothly transfers them via QR…

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SDLT Verify

SDLT Verify: Comprehensive Authentication Platform

SDLT Verify confirms ownership without demand for personally identifiable information (PII) from public addresses i.e. e wallets. It…

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SDLT Consent

SDLT Consent: Privacy & Personal Data Management

Control your privacy and personal data management with the SDLT Consent platform that provides the highest standard of…

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blockchain for retail

Blockchain & The Retail Industry: Positive Disruption

Blockchain – also referred to as distributed ledger technology (DLT) – is an immutable (unalterable), decentralised ledger of…

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blockchain in insurance

Blockchain & The Insurance Industry: Positive Disruption

Blockchain is an immutable, decentralised open ledger set to transform financial services with its provision of complete unalterable…

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DLT versus blockchain blue blocks

Blockchain versus Distributed Ledgers (DLT)

Blockchain is merely one specific type of distributed ledger technology (DLT). DLT is a decentralised database of records…

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