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Our Custom DLT Services

For private and public enterprises across industries and functional areas


Create an end-to-end supply chain with total transparency that assures the traceability of physical and digital assets. Trace provides a uniquely secure and highly modular platform to record transactions and digital interactions in an immutable, auditable, and efficient manner. With an intuitive graphical interface specifically tailored for supply chain management, Trace optimises processes to streamline business operations and reduce error rates. Verify fair trade welfare, sustainable sources, and ethical provenance of materials with SDLT Trace.


Build an immutable record management system that is secure, trusted, and transparent. SDLT’s Record product creates and manages an immutable record of all transactions, verified in real-time. It enables clients to transact confidently with their indisputable, readily accessible, and verifiable digital assets. By significantly reducing reliance on third parties, Record both eliminates potential points of failure and reduces administrative costs. Build, verify, and share certificates on your private blockchain with SDLT Record.


Manage your privacy and personal data management with our Consent platform that provides the highest standard of protection for personally identifiable information (PII). Seamlessly traverse data protection regulations such as GDPR and PDPA with an accurate, transparent, and auditable record of metadata. Consent enables the information owner to control usage parameters of their personal information (i.e. grant or revoke consent) to ensure that organisations can better protect their staff and customers.


Establish authentication solutions without disrupting the business process workflow. Verify offers confirmation of ownership without demanding personally identifiable information from public addresses. It creates near-instant value for organisations by transforming digital identity into decentralised identity, affirming existing credentials and issuing new ones. Use Verify’s ecosystem of trust to exchange new permissioned data sets and maintain transparent relationships with end-users.


Support digital assets (loyalty assets, fiat, cryptocurrencies, etc.) in a sophisticated DLT peer-to-peer network for payments and value transfer. Transfer is easily loaded via credit or debit accounts and is simple to use for exchanges at Point-of-Sales with QR codes and NFC. The immutable ledger manages payment processing capabilities, e-wallet features, loyalty points transactions, and digital document identity management tools. Eliminate most third-party fees with Transfer, the secure and transparent way to pay.

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