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SDLT Record

SDLT Record: Immutable Record Management System

SDLT Record product features automation, simple integration, trust, minimised costs, security and communication.

Record is a private blockchain solution that enables organisations to transact confidently with their verifiable digital assets. The platform maintains an immutable record of easily verifiable certificates (credentials, titles, proofs of ownership, etc.) without reliance on third parties. Record, therefore, helps to build trust and transparency into the verification process, which is carried out on the platform in real-time via transaction hash. Use the SDLT Record platform to custom build new certificates, process orders and issuance for recipients, share them easily with relevant stakeholders on social media, and certify them using unique verification codes.

Interact in real-time with certificate issuance, receipt, and verification on a private blockchain with integrated functions for comprehensive reporting on all certificates ordered, issued, received, etc. Establish trust in your credentials using Record, which establishes a single point of truth and mitigates any conflict of entries. Minimise associated transactional and operational costs further through smart contracts on the platform that reduce reliance on intermediaries and paperwork.

SDLT’s Record product creates and manages an immutable record of all transactions, verified in real-time. It enables clients to transact confidently with their indisputable, readily accessible, and verifiable digital assets. By significantly reducing reliance on third parties, Record both eliminates potential points of failure and reduces administrative costs. Create an immutable record management system that is secure, trusted, and transparent. Build, verify, and share certificates on your private blockchain with SDLT Record.

To find out more about how SDLT can develop customised blockchain infrastructure to help with your record management solutions, please contact Adrian Apperley directly at +66 (0) 8 1751 8308 or through .

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