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Blockchain digital transformation

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation

Before the COVID 19 pandemic began, digital transformation was a priority sat on the strategic agendas of many organisations, with its potential still waiting to be realised. Despite trends illustrating digital transformation well underway pre-COVID, firms’ willingness to invest in…

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Blockchain in hospitality

Blockchain & Hospitality: Positive Disruption

Blockchain is a relatively new digital technology set to transform the hospitality industry as an immutable, decentralised distributed ledger that provides complete transparency, traceability, and superior security. The technology allows information to be entered and stored across a controlled network…

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blockchain for healthcare

Blockchain & Healthcare: Positive Disruption

Blockchain, a type of distributed ledger technology, has the extraordinary potential to reorganise healthcare services so as to support the development of more resilient, accessible, and effective quality care. Blockchain in healthcare has a myriad of potential applications to identity…

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SDLT Record

SDLT Record: Immutable Record Management System

Record is a private blockchain solution that enables organisations to transact confidently with their verifiable digital assets. The platform maintains an immutable record of easily verifiable certificates (credentials, titles, proofs of ownership, etc.) without reliance on third parties. Record, therefore,…

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SDLT Verify

SDLT Verify: Comprehensive Authentication Platform

SDLT Verify confirms ownership without demand for personally identifiable information (PII) from public addresses i.e. e wallets. It creates near instant value for organisations by transforming digital identity into decentralised identity, affirming existing credentials, and issuing new ones. The comprehensive…

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