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SDLT Insights: Articles about Blockchain Services Thailand & Beyond

Blockchain Combats Fraud

Blockchain Combats Fraud Through Trust & Transparency

One of the original purposes of blockchain was to prevent fraud in digital currency exchanges. In 2020, we…

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Blockchain Sustainability

Blockchain’s Emerging Role In Advancing Sustainability

With great potential to advance sustainability objectives, blockchain is a technology that satisfies society’s growing need for instant…

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Health Insurance

Blockchain For Innovation In Health Insurance

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on insurance As insurers face challenges in the industry, heightened by the COVID-19…

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SDLT Consent

Blockchain For GDPR/ PDPA Data-Protection-By-Design

Blockchain and GDPR/ PDPA data protection legislation: GDPR is a general data protection regulation in EU law that…

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SDLT Trace

Blockchain For The Food Industry: SDLT foodTrace

Blockchain for food is happening worldwide… The potential of blockchain for foodstuff provenance and certification is being quickly…

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Blockchain Digital Transformation

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation

Before the COVID 19 pandemic began, digital transformation was a priority sat on the strategic agendas of many…

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Blockchain In Hospitality

Blockchain & Hospitality: Positive Disruption

Blockchain is a relatively new digital technology set to transform the hospitality industry as an immutable, decentralised distributed…

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Blockchain In Healthcare

Blockchain & Healthcare: Positive Disruption

Blockchain, a type of distributed ledger technology, has the extraordinary potential to reorganise healthcare services so as to…

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If Carlsberg Did Blockchain: A Note From Gary Pound

Gary Pound - Managing Director of SDLT Our dream for SDLT started some time ago; supported by research,…

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SDLT Trace

SDLT Trace: Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Trace is a private blockchain solution that offers dramatic efficiency gains for supply chain and logistics. SDLT Trace…

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SDLT Record

SDLT Record: Immutable Record Management System

Record is a private blockchain solution that enables organisations to transact confidently with their verifiable digital assets. The…

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SDLT Transfer

SDLT Transfer: P2P Payments & Value Transfer

SDLT Transfer offers a unique blockchain based account that conveniently stores digital assets, smoothly transfers them via QR…

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SDLT Verify

SDLT Verify: Comprehensive Authentication Platform

SDLT Verify confirms ownership without demand for personally identifiable information (PII) from public addresses i.e. e wallets. It…

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SDLT Consent

SDLT Consent: Privacy & Personal Data Management

Control your privacy and personal data management with the SDLT Consent platform that provides the highest standard of…

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Blockchain In Retail

Blockchain & The Retail Industry: Positive Disruption

Blockchain – also referred to as distributed ledger technology (DLT) – is an immutable (unalterable), decentralised ledger of…

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Blockchain In Insurance

Blockchain & The Insurance Industry: Positive Disruption

Blockchain is an immutable, decentralised open ledger set to transform financial services with its provision of complete unalterable…

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Blockchain Vs Dlt

Blockchain versus Distributed Ledgers (DLT)

Blockchain is merely one specific type of distributed ledger technology (DLT). DLT is a decentralised database of records…

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